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Relief Work for Flood Victims:       

We are thankful to our local and overseas donors who trust us a lot due to which we have been able to collect around PKR 6.0 million cash fund along with other donations in shape of food, worth more than one million. We are trying our best by working hard in the field to uphold this trust for ever.

Recently PAKISTAN is hit by FLASH floods in different areas where millions of our country men dislocated due to these worst ever floods.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Being always determined to extend our usual services to humanity, MADADGAR Welfare Society has already launched relief campaign to support the victims at their door step.


We started our relief work during early Aug 2010 with the distribution of foods and providing tents to flood victims, which looks to be continued by the end of Sep 2010.During the past six weeks we dispatched 2x20’ containers and 2 bed ford trucks carrying more than 60 tons of food packages distributed among 2000 families in the areas of District Muzaffargarh, Tehsil JAMPUR of District Rajanpur and District Shangla of SWAT Valley. One food package was enough for 15 days per family consisting of 4-6 members.     


Parallel to our 1st phase, we also started our 2nd phase where we have to extend  Cash support.Upto date, our organization have distributed PKR 800,000/- for the reconstruction of their damage houses, among flood victims and where priority was given to widows and elders who do not have any regular income or any other immediate support. These families were selected by MADADGAR survey team during our visits to Muzafargarh, Jampur and Kalam/Shangla in Swat Valley.
This phase will be continued until we have a single penny in our pocket collected on account of flood victims.


Along with 1st and 2nd phases, we do have launched our last phase where we are extending medical support to the flood victims. In post flood problems, different kind of fatal diseases are the most dangerous thing for the victims. Our 1st medical camp started in rural areas of Tehsil Jatoi in Muzaffargarh District where in just three days more than 1000 patients were attended by our medical team. One can imagine the intensity of disease attack by this turn over.

Last not the least:
Continuing our 2nd phase , we distributed another huge of amount of PKR 1.5M among 400 flood victims of Tehsil JATOI /Distt Muzaffargarh and Tehsil JAMPUR of Distt. Rajanpur during Nov 2010.

As a result of our above different phases, you can imagine the intensity of disaster and a lot of work to be done and the rehabilitation and reconstruction will take time to complete.

We still look forward for a massive support all around the world to rehabilitate more and more dislocated people.


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